How to: Safely bring a shelter dog home

Congratulations on choosing to adopt a rescue dog!

The next step is getting your new family member from the shelter to your home as safe and comfortable as possible. In order to do this we have a set of tips and tricks and even regulations to take into account. So let’s dive into it!

First thing to realize is that in most cases everything that is going to happen to your furry friend in the next period is a first time experience. He/she will travel to a new home, often in a different country, filled with new things to comprehend and investigate. To one thing surely is needed, time.

It will take your dog around 3 days to let go of the initial stress, three weeks to get to know your daily routine and about three months to actually start to feel at home. This is a general indication of course. Some will be a lot faster and others will need more time. The most important take away here is that they need to get this time from you 🙂

The moment of arrival

Unless you go to the shelter itself your first meeting will often be right after a very stressful transport by air or road. As most of our dogs are extremely fast and agile we recommend the following:
– Very carefully open the travel bench just slightly enough to attach the leash to the collar
– As soon as the dog has come out of the travel bench attach the three point security harness
– Attach a second leash to the harness and in this double leash configuration take the first steps with your new friend!

Pro tip: After travel accidents happen, so make sure to bring some paper towels and wet-wipes to the airport or transport to clean up if something happens!

Home at last

As written above giving time is very important. Make sure you go on very short essential walks only during the first period and be consistent in the route you take. Once the dog has familiarized him/herself with this round you can slowly show more of the world around!

Make sure you keep using the dual leash configuration for a while, and if you want to give your dog time off leash make sure you do it only in a completely secure and fenced off area. Remember! Some of the dogs, especially Galgo’s and Podenco’s will never be capable of going off leash unless it’s a secure area their entire life. Their prey drive, speed and agility are simply to immense to control in some cases.

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