Ana – Unavailable

*Ana is being closely monitored due to illness and is therefore not ready for adoption.

Ana is a very calm and gentle girl. She enjoys every little bit of attention she gets in the shelter.

She’s not scared, a bit shy, but that usually doesn’t last very long. We don’t know her as a very playful dog, but she really likes to go out for a beautiful walk in the countryside.

Exploring the world with her owner, that’s what she really dreams of! We often find her staring through the gates of the shelter. She really longs for the outside world!

Ana can be placed alone or with another dog. Not in a big pack. We wouldn’t do her a favor with that. She prefers a calm atmosphere. We don’t know if she can live together with cats, but this can be tested.

Even though she is happy with every little thing she gets in the shelter, we know this lovely girl will be even happier when she gets to live in a loving home. A loving owner, a soft and warm bed, good care, healthy food, tasty snacks and dog toys. The basics of a house dog are what she desperately needs!

Do you think you can provide this? Do you think you can make Ana happy? Awesome! We are sure that Ana will make you happy as well.

Would you want to be her pawrent? Please send us a message via the contact page or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos