Arena unfortunately had to adjust to shelter life as well.

Arena has spent a long time in foster care, but unfortunately she had to go back to our shelter. Now she has had a taste of life without being behind bars and she feels sad this time has come to an end. Or didn’t it?

Well, we can fix this problem by finding her an amazing forever homer! Unlike her brother Arena isn’t as protective of her humans. Before she was rescued from the streets and placed into foster care she used to live with an “owner” and had the assignment of protecting the property together with her brother. Arena was pregnant at the time we caught her. Wandering the streets of Fortuna together with her brother she was easy to catch as she was happy to come across some friendly faces.

When she was living in a house, she was protective of the property. In such a way that Arena had to go to a separate room before the guests could enter. The house was her domain! Of course, this is something that can be solved with the right amount of training and guidance. Arena is very loyal and affectionate towards humans. She also does very well with other dogs and can be placed as a single dog as well as in a household where more dogs are living. We aren’t sure yet if she can be placed in a house with cats, but this is something we can put to the test for sure.

Arena is a Mastín Español cross. This breed is known for being affectionate, self-confident, focused and noble characters. In Spain they are specifically put to work as guardians of flocks of animals or properties, yet they are so much more than just guardians!

We would love to see Arena get adopted to a new owner with a larger house and garden. Se loves to be outside and needs to land to roam and call her own to feel in her element. We will not allow Arena to be adopted as “just” a guard dog. She is way to loving and caring for such!

Our sweet. Big and gentle girl… Arena is so looking forward to leaving the shelter again. Rather today than tomorrow! Are you her match? Reach out to us today!