Ben doesn’t show is true colors all that fast, but when he does…

When he does you will find Ben is an absolute sweetheart! He is very sociable, affectionate and will even protect his owner. He used to live together with Arena and together they would guard their old “owners” property. Later they were found wandering the streets of Fortuna on their own. They just walked up to the rescuers and went with them without any fuzz.

As Ben is used to guarding, he will surely always protect his family. Its in his nature and he likes to do it. He is a Mastín Español cross. This breed is known for being affectionate, self-confident, focused and noble characters. In Spain they are specifically put to work as guardians of flocks of animals or properties, yet they are so much more than just guardians!

We would love to place Ben with an owner who has a large house and a substantial garden. He loves to be outside and will needs a large piece of land to feel in his element. We do want to point that Ben definitely isn’t a “just outside” kinda dog. He loves to take comfy naps on a warm bed inside the house! With that in mind we will not allow Ben to be adopted as just a guard dog. Ben has so much more to offer. Ben has not been tested with other animals like cats. But when needed we can surely arrange for a test.

Exploring the world together, wandering around in nature, that is what Ben would love to do! He does not necessarily needs another dog to be happy. He just needs a loving owner in who he can place his trust.

Big, gentle Ben is waiting to get noticed. The earlier the better! Such a sweet, beautiful and protective character should appeal to someone right?

Are you his match? Don’t hesitate and reach out!