*Blondie is not ready for adoption yet. We are looking for an experienced foster care family that will help her to gain trust, overcome fears, learns how to live in a house and be loved. Do you think you can help? Please reach out!

We are at the maximum capacity for fostering in Holland & Belgium. Fostering in these regions currently isn’t possible.

Blondie is a beautiful Galgo girl. Unfortunately she is very scared, which gives her only a small chance of a suitable home. This poor girl is very traumatized by her terrible past. Like most dogs here, she was abandoned by her hunter. Her eyes tell it all: she is scarred for life. We can only guess what she has been through. 🙁

She is social with the other dogs, but cannot be placed with small dogs. We also do not want to place her with cats and children.

Unfortunately we cannot say much about her character. Because of her fears, she is not showing her true self yet.

We are looking for someone who is very experienced with traumatized dogs. Someone who learns her how to love and be loved, someone who can help her gain self-confidence and trust. She also needs someone who already has another dog at home. These are absolute requirements! If possible, she can also be placed in a very experienced foster home.

Do you want, but above all, CAN you help her? We would love to hear from you!

Would you want to be her pawrent? Please send us a message on the contact page of our website or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos