*Dex is still in Spain, but needs to recover from his illness before he can travel.

Dex, the small guy with the heart of a gentle giant.

Dex came to us from the streets where he was picked up by a lady who later dropped him off at the shelter grounds. Because of this we can’t don’t have clear picture about his history or how he used to live before that time. What we do know is that Dex is a very good boy.

He is just one of those affectionate little guys that loves to hangout together. He goes very well with the other dogs in the shelter and we even started walking him on leash with some great results. Granted, he still has a thing or two to learn about that. But he is picking up on it for sure.

For as far as we can judge at the moment he will be a perfect match for any type of household. With other dogs is fun, alone will be fine as well if he can get enough attention from his humans. We can picture him as a cozy family dog just as easy as a companion with whom to explore nature and travel around.

Dex has tested positive for Leishmania. He is currently in bad shape because of this and is receiving treatment. Because of this we can’t let him travel at this time. The moment we have his Leishmania under control it can easily be suppressed with a single pill a day and he doesn’t have to suffer any consequences because of it.

Will you give Dex a chance? Can you look passed the Leishmania and just see how great a furry friend he really is? Let us know! We would love to get in touch and get to know you.