Flopy, the affectionate one who was abandoned outside of Murcia.

Flopy is one of those cases we just can’t understand. This little guy was picked up by the city of Murcia and was brought into the shelter by Marita. He surely is a beautiful and cheerful guy.

At first he will be a bit of a wall flower, just sniffing the sent and trying to read you a little bit. Once he gets to know you he will quickly change from being a bit shy to being very affectionate. A loving and sociable character for sure. Also goes very well with other dogs in general. The only moments we need to keep an eye on things are around feeding time. He can be a bit greedy, yet he never gets to a state of dominance or picking a fight. He just wants to make sure he can fill his tummy.

We would love to place him with an active owner. He has got a great deal of energy and needs to have a way to spend all it. Going on active walks, exploring together, picking up new smells, learning new tricks or exploring a gorgeous garden, that is what Flopy needs!

We haven’t tested him with cats so far, but should that be a requirement we can surely make it happen.

Can you provide him with a loving place to call his own? A warm cozy bed with some good food and snacks? An active life full of adventure?

Don’t hesitate any longer and reach out to us! Flopy is ready for his next step in life towards happiness with you.