*Hugo is not ready for adoption yet. We are looking for an experienced foster care that will help him to gain trust, overcome fears, learns how to live in a house and be loved. Do you think you can help? Please reach out!

We are at the maximum capacity for fostering in Holland & Belgium. Fostering in these regions currently isn’t possible.

Hugo, the one who just needs a place to learn all there is to learn about love and trust.

Hugo is one of the 7 saved from a hunter on the 12th of March 2019. He’s a shy and afraid boy and will need time to heal after all he has been through. It would be great if he can find a home with a good structure allowing him to learn when what will happen and get used to the daily doings.

For these special cases we often rely on our experienced foster families. This does of course not mean we are not directly for a forever home for him! What is does mean is that we will have a bit more of a list of must haves for placing Hugo directly with a family.

Right now he is runs away when you try to approach him. We can say he is one of the more scared and nervous ones we have in the shelter at this time. Something that might look a bit strange at first as he is also one of the biggest Galgo’s we have.

We are certain this handsome guy can still learn to love and trust, can become an affectionate companion who loves to explore with you and live a full and happy life. In order to get to this he will need a lot of patience, a very gentle and sensitive approach and, when possible, a stable and friendly dog to look up to and learn from.

When looking at Hugo’s eyes we so often see fear, yet we also feel we see just this little glimmer of hope. Hope for a better future, hope for friends, love and of course a lot of tasty treats.

Hugo doesn’t want a golf course, private yacht or luxury swimming pool. All he wants is a place to call home. Can you give him this (should this by accident include the before mentioned golf course, private yacht or pool we are certain he won’t mind to have it either)?

Don’t hesitate if you are up for the challenge of winning Hugo over! We would love to hear from you.

Would you want to be his pawrent? Please send us a message on the contact page or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos