*Joey is very scared for humans! We therefor prefer to bring him to a foster family first or a very experienced adopter. He needs special care that will help him to gain trust, overcome fears, learns how to live in a house and be loved. Do you think you can help? Please reach out!

We are at the maximum capacity for fostering in Holland & Belgium. Fostering in these regions currently isn’t possible.

Joey, our big whopper!

Joey is a great dog. At first he’s a little shy towards people, but once he knows you it’s all okay. He likes to cuddle and loves to receive all the attention and love. Unfortunately, hugs are always limited at the shelter. He longs for his own home, where hugs and love are unlimited. You can tell by the scars on his body that his past must have been far from pleasant.

He gets along well with other dogs and never had any problems. He does have a strong preference for calm dogs though. Probably because he’s very relaxed and calm himself. He can sometimes be possessive and dominant with food, but this is very usual in a shelter. We believe this will go away rather quickly once he lives in a home.

He would love to discover the wide world with you. To explore and walk through the forest or across the fields.

Joey can be placed alone or with another dog. We prefer not to place him with cats.

Who falls in love with our dear Joey and is ready for adventure?

Would you want to be his pawrent? Please send us a message on the contact page of our website or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos