*Lucas is in foster care in Belgium which makes him available for adoption in Holland and Belgium only.

Update from foster care October 2020:

Lucas the 4 year old Galgo boy still has some fears to overcome. He couldn’t progress any further in the shelter and was lucky enough to fly to a very experienced foster family in Belgium. After his arrival he rapidly sensed things were going to be alright and progress started to occur again.

He loves exploring the large fenced off garden with the other dogs that live with the foster family. They got along just fine from the start and Lucas was accepted by the dogs in the house without hesitation and at first sight. After that it didn’t take him long to discover the best place in the house: The warm and comfortable couch!

He’s currently still fearful when it comes to the male foster pawrent. Yet he will get plenty of time to grow and regain his trust in humanity.

With that in mind, Lucas isn’t available for adoption just yet.

Original description:

Lucas is a very scared Galgo boy. This will manifest itself in running away when approached. When you do manage to approach him, he basically freezes on the spot and turns into a statue. Lucas does not yet show his true character because of his fear.

Lucas will first have to go to an experienced foster home before he is ready for adoption. At a foster home he will learn what it is like to live in a house, to walk on a leash and to be less afraid.