*Moraki is quite scared for humans. We therefor prefer to bring him to a foster family first or a very experienced adopter. He needs special care that will help him to gain trust, overcome fears, learns how to live in a house and be loved. He needs to get out asap. Do you think you can help? Please reach out!

We are at the maximum capacity for fostering in Holland & Belgium. Fostering in these regions currently isn’t possible.

Moraki, our unlucky guy, what can we do to help him? Is there really no one out there who wants to adopt him? Someone who will finally take him out of the shelter!

You would think he lacks nothing: a beautiful boy, sweet and very gentle, social with other dogs, lots of people who care about him on the internet, good photos, a nice character description and shared by hundreds of people on Facebook.

Yet he lacks the most important thing: Good fortune and an owner! Someone who would finally let him into his or hers heart. Someone who isn’t put off by his breed. There’s no need for that, because Moraki is a sweetheart, not dangerous, like not at all. He will never start a fight and is very submissive to dogs.

Poor Moraki has been unlucky all his life. His life has been like a rollercoaster! He was found on the street by the police and because they did not know where to put him, they put him in the arena of the city. He was locked up there for over a month, until Marita found out and took him to the shelter. Moraki was 4/5 months around that time.

When Moraki was 9 months old he was adopted in Finland. The family seemed right for Moraki at first, but it soon became clear that they were bad people, even scammers. We will spare you the details. After a lot of stress and money we got Moraki back.

Moraki then lived with a foster family for about two years, but he could not stay either. He lived in a home with two unneutered male dogs, even smaller than him, and a sterilized female dog who was in charge of the dogs. Moraki has never had any problems. He behaved just perfect and was submissive to the other dogs.

Moraki has been in the shelter for many years now. At the time of this writing, he is already six years old and is rapidly moving to his 7th year of life, which means he is slowly becoming a senior. A senior who has never known happiness. A senior who should live in a warm and loving home!

Moraki has become very insecure through life. He is afraid of unknown people, afraid of quick or sudden movements and afraid of anything he does not know. He is not too old to learn yet. The uncertainty can still disappear, but to reach that he will need the right support and guidance!

Whilst he is a sweetheart to humans and other dogs, we do not see him as a good fit with other animals or small children. We will not place him with cats. We strongly prefer a stable dog to set a good example for him.

His aging body is so longing for a soft and warm place to sleep. Outside of the constant barking in the shelter, outside of the stress, with someone who can show him that life isn’t bad at all.

He has been living in the shadows for far too long and just really deserves a spot where he can enjoy retirement as soon as possible. Not only he deserves it, he desperately needs it! Please help him!

Can you give this amazing dog a place to stay? He would forever keep you in his heart!

If you can’t adopt, please share! There has to be someone, somewhere, who falls in love with him. Please help us to find this person!

Would you want to be his pawrent? Please send us a message via the contact page or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos