Morfeo is such a sweetheart, yet he always seems to be forgotten!

Why? Well, nobody has ever shown an interest in Morfeo so far. We can’t tell a great deal about his history as we don’t know that much about it. A woman bought his freedom from the parrera and brought him to Marita. He was supposed to enter in the residency there. Until the woman could no longer afford him. So now, as so many others, he is one of those dogs in our shelter that nobody ever asks us about.

And that is such a shame! Morfeo is really affectionate towards people. He truly is a champion at cuddling. He also does very well when together with other dogs. We do have to make sure he isn’t placed together with dominant dogs. Therefor we also wont place him in a home where a dominant dog is already living. Again, het is very social toward other dogs, even around dinner time. Yet we noticed he simply doesn’t match well with dominant dogs at all.

It would be great if he can find a nice and quite house to live in with a relaxed atmosphere. Especially as he is calm by nature himself as well. It would however be great if his new owner is active when outside. Morfeo will need some long walks to get the exercise he needs. He does walk very well on leash already at our shelter grounds. Morfeo can also be placed as the single dog in the house. He does not necessarily require a furry friend; he is rather independent as it is. We aren’t sure if we can place him with cats, but this is something we can put to the test for sure.

In short: Morfeo’s wish-list isn’t all that long and the search for his forever home shouldn’t be as hard as it is. He just longs for a loving companion, a warm home, good care and a soft bed with yummy snacks. All Morefeo wants to be is a real dog!

Do you enjoy going on walks and are you looking for a companion to tag along? Don’t look any further! Morfeo is waiting for you to make your mind up.