Our sweet, playful Mylo would like to start his life outside the shelter!

Mylo came to the shelter together with his sister, Hazel. His sister was adopted, but he stayed in the shelter. Meanwhile, brother and sister are back together again after she was being brought back for a ridiculous reason. They make the best of it together!

Mylo is very social towards other dogs. He is a pleasant dog and he likes to play. He can be a bit shy towards unknown people. Mylo is affectionate towards the people he knows. He would love to have his own people to flood them with love. And of course he longs to get love in return. A big garden and a quite country home would make his dream complete. We’re not sure if he can live with cats, but this can be tested.

He is a Mastín Español cross. This breed is known for being affectionate, self-confident, focused and noble characters. In Spain they are specifically put to work as guardians of flocks of animals or properties, yet they are so much more than just guardians!

It’s in its nature to be very loyal to her owners and family. He will guard and protect but above all else just give a great deal of love. It isn’t particularly active, just playful and cheerful.

Are you looking for a great, sweet and playful dog? Mylo is waiting for you!