Plus – Unavailable

*Plus is still in Spain, but needs to recover from his injuries before he can travel.

Plus is a great guy who is really social when it comes to the other dogs in his kennel. He is also affectionate towards people and really loves to cuddle every now and then. His energy level is low to medium but this might of course change once he finds his loving and caring forever home.

We noticed Plus is a big fan of exploring the areas around his house and beyond on fun walks with his owner. He might be a bit nervous at first, but in general he just loves to pickup all those smells and sounds of the surroundings.

He walks pretty well on a leash when we take him out and about. Yet there are a couple of things he is way better at. These things included sunbathing, finding the perfect spot to take a nap on a soft pillow, leaning back and observing the world around him as time passes by. In other words, Plus loves to go out, play a game or cuddle and at the same time is a big fan or going into relaxation mode.

Are you the one who can offer this golden combination to Plus? Trusts us, he is dying to meet you!

We do need to mention that Plus has tested positive for Leishmania, but luckily this is very well treatable with one tablet a day.

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