Rocky the American Stafford

Rocky, we are just in love with the very affectionate fellow.

When asked to describe rocky in a single word we have the perfect one: Sweetheart. He is just so darn affectionate towards us! He loves his cuddle time and enjoys every minute of it to the fullest. When he first steps out of his kennel he may take a few minutes to get to know you. But once he knows and trusts you he is just happiness all over.

Rocky is a wonderful dog and we are sure his breed is the only reason he hasn’t found a home yet. The classification of dangerous dog is a branding that just doesn’t fit at all with him. He walks well on the leash when we explore the area around the shelter together and he can be placed with other dogs as well.

We do have to insist on a household with some experience with his breed. Not because of any issues, but he is of course a pretty strong guy as he is. So it would just be common sense to take this into account!

Rocky comes from the kill shelter and his freedom was bought by a young lady before he got to our shelter. Unfortunately the young lady seems to have forgotten about him, but we surely haven’t. We just want to find him the perfect place to call home.

Can you give Rocky the love, affection and attention he needs? Do you have a warm and cozy bed at the ready for him? Are you not put off just because of his breed but will you take the chance with him?

Reach out to us! He is ready for sure.