Update: Rosi has made a huge progress at her foster home and is ready for adoption! 

Rosi, a beautiful, little girl, but so damaged by humankind.

She will need a family that is already experienced in aiding dogs that are mentally traumatized. We are so very sure she has an incredible amount of love to give, but currently she is unable to show this as she is just too afraid.
With love, care, affection and patience Rosi will learn to trust in humans again! Unfortunately the shelter simply isn’t the right place to further develop.

Rosi was found in the killing station together with six puppies. Because of this we have no knowledge of her actual background or the horrors she faced. All we know is that she is damaged and needs a place where she can learn to love again!

We realize it will be difficult to find a suitable person for her, but we are not giving up hope yet! Rosi is still young and has a whole life ahead of her. What a terrible shame it would be if she had to spend many more years in the shelter in fear. We are pretty sure that if she will get to live in a quiet household, she will relax a lot more and her true nature will become visible.

Do you have experience and are you willing to give this little girl the second chance she so desperately deserves and needs!

Would you want to be her pawrent? Please send us a message via the contact page or leave us a message on our Facebook page: Dogs from Terrenito Asos