Rupper, a big blob of happiness longing for walkies with his very own companion.

Rupper is one of those dogs that would often get classified as a highly temperamental and aggressive one. This is purely based on his breed and very far from the truth!

He is in fact a very happy chappy who wants nothing more than his own place to call home. And of course a loving owner who will take him out on fantastic adventures exploring the world around him. He needs an owner who can really spend time with him and take him out on walks and exercise. This is a must as he does have some energy reserves for sure.

A cozy place with a nice garden to make his own, an apartment surely wouldn’t be the perfect match for our Rupper. He is very affectionate towards humans and can completely overflow with joy when it’s time for cuddles. Unfortunately we can only spend a little amount of time with our dogs, this makes life harder for Rupper and he is just dying to get out of his kennel every now and then.

He has not been tested with cats, but this is something that can of course be arranged! He can be placed with other dogs but this does require an experienced owner and the other dog mustn’t be dominant.

Rupper loves to use his nose and pickup on all those interesting smells that float around his kennel and the surrounding fields. In fact, he wants to chase his nose and explore the world so badly!

Can you make this happen for him? Can you give him what he needs and are you not put off by the stigma around his breed? Let us know! Rupper is waiting for you.