Thor is a very energetic, healthy and happy little fellow. With that in mind it would be absolutely perfect if his new owner/family is relatively active!

In the shelter he has some struggles with the other dogs so he is currently living in a kennel alone. We can of course place him with another female dog in the adoptive family as well, but some experience on this part is definitely needed! He can’t be placed with males or dogs with a dominant character.

He has a relatively big character for his small appearance! Don’t get fooled by his cute, little face. He can be quite naughty as well. Thor is very affectionate towards people. He can be a real sweetheart.

We found him, a year ago, roaming the streets. He was very skinny and drenched. 🙁
So, already a year went by without finding him a good family.

He can’t wait for a chance to leave the shelter as the stress is just too much for him. We are convinced he would do great in a house and make a very loving companion!

Please, don’t let Thor become one of the many invisible dogs in a shelter! Please share him and increase his chances of adoption!