*Turko has traumas and his fear is shown in form of aggression. He does trust and care for people he knows, but getting to know you is an obvious challenge. He is in urgent need of an experienced foster family (or an experienced adopter) capable of showing him humans can be kind as well.

We are at the maximum capacity for fostering in Holland & Belgium. Fostering in these regions currently isn’t possible.

Turko, a brave Shepherd boy who never got a chance.

We would love to find Turko a home! He is getting tired of the shelter life and we can’t blame him. Finding a home for Turko will however take a bit more effort. He really needs a very experienced owner who can spend a lot of time with him.

An owner who currently doesn’t have any other dogs and can give Turko his full attention. Now you may ask, why do we emphasize on this so much? Well, given his lack of opportunity in life Turko has grown to not trust humans and other animals. In such a way that he really needs some time to get to know you before a new human gets to close to him.

When he doesn’t get the time he needs he can lash out and bite. This is of course very stressful for both him as well as the people he meets! He doesn’t want to be aggressive, but he has gotten far too little opportunity to learn that aggression isn’t needed.

He was brought to our shelter by his owner who said he would build a place for him to stay and pick him back up. Unfortunately the owner never returned for Turko and this resulted in yet another mental blow for him.

We have to believe that there is a special person out there. A person who will teach him to trust again, give him love, patience and care. He so desperately needs it! And hey, since he got to know the shelter staff a little better, they can approach him and he will even follow basic commands. So he isn’t gone! Just lost.

Are you his knight in shining armor and can you give him what he needs? Please reach out to us!